Waste Management and Reduction Actions


Waste Generation Chart and Waste Management Actions

All Ennostar factories have established “Waste Management Procedures” to ensure that waste generated during factory operations are treated legally, appropriately, and safely to minimize environmental impacts. We have also established “Supplier/Contractor EHS Appraisal Regulations” which stipulate that we only collaborate with qualified waste disposal companies which have passed our checks. Ennostar regularly conducts supplier audits to ensure that collaborating suppliers dispose of waste in accordance with contracts and regulations. The following waste generation charts from EPISTAR and Lextar are used to illustrate our waste management procedures.



EPISTAR’s waste includes hazardous industrial waste, general industrial waste, listed reuse waste items, and listed recycling waste items. We determine whether waste generated during production is hazardous according to the “Standards for Defining Hazardous Industrial Waste,” assess industrial waste materials and characteristics, implement classifications based on industrial waste categories and codes released by the Environmental Protection Administration, and commission qualified removal/disposal companies to handle waste.

New waste disposal companies are investigated using the “Waste Disposal Company Investigation Form.” We can only commence collaborations with qualified waste disposal companies after they have passed our checks. We also conduct annual evaluations of all waste removal/disposal companies, including scheduled or non-scheduled audits of disposal processes. Related results are recorded using our “Waste Disposal Company Investigation Form” and general evaluation results are compiled in our “Waste Disposal Company General Evaluation Form.” Suppliers are ranked using three grades: A, B, and C. We maintain the status quo for A-grade companies and prioritize these companies for future collaboration. B-grade companies are included in watch lists and asked to implement improvements. C-grade companies are eliminated.

√ In 2022, we completed audits of 55 removal/disposal companies, achieving a 100% evaluation completion rate.


  • Lextar

Raw material categories included in Lextar production processes are PCBs, lead frames, phosphors, A/B glue, silver glue, chips, cleaning acetone, gold wires, carrier tape, PVC gloves, and face masks. Lextar products include LEDs, light strips/light panels, and modules; waste generated during these production processes include packaging materials, empty chemical containers, waste solvents, waste electronic components, and general industrial waste. Lextar and factories regularly discuss how to prevent and reduce generation of upstream and downstream waste. Factory waste is handled by third-party organizations and we conduct annual audits of related disposal companies in accordance with regulations.