Product Quality and Liability

The Group adheres to quality management responsibilities during product development and manufacturing processes. We have established rigorous quality management mechanisms to ensure that all products and services comply with relevant laws and regulations. All of our subsidiaries have implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Epistar, Lextar, Epicrystal, Can Yang, and Lextar Electronics have further implemented the IATF 16949 Automotive Quality Management System to incorporate advance quality management concepts into automotive product design and manufacturing. Each year, we review our products using stringent management and review procedures to ensure that they comply with domestic and foreign product health and safety regulations.

√ We incurred no penalties related to violations of health and safety laws relating to our products and services in 2022.


Quality Assurance

The Group believes that quality assurance of products and services is necessary for compliance with domestic and foreign regulations as well as client requirements, which makes competitiveness and social responsibilities important quality management considerations and a core concept. Our quality management processes mainly encompass four major stages: “Product design and development,” “Procurement of raw materials,” “Production and manufacturing,” and “Warehousing and delivery.” We have formulated management procedures for each stage which are supervised by the quality assurance, quality engineering, quality system, and customer service units under our quality assurance department, and our document management system synchronizes documents from all companies. Quality assurance is supported by monthly quality meetings, regular management review meetings, and regular training and appraisals of inspection personnel to ensure that product and service quality details adhere to requirements at all stages.



Regular Training and Appraisals of Inspection Personnel

The Group attaches great importance to training for inspection personnel. We not only organize training for new employees, but have also established retraining times for other personnel which adhere to annual training procedures and plans. We regularly conduct training and examinations on theory and practical operations to re-certify personnel qualifications, and record all appraisal results.