We focus on employee “career development,” “physical and mental health,” “remuneration and benefits,” and “social lives.” We maintain competitive salaries and benefits while also offering customized physical and mental health assistance programs.


Compensation Policies and Management Systems

Ennostar’s compensation management mechanism proposals based on corporate operational performance are submitted to the Board by the Compensation Committee to ensure close links between corporate finances and operational performance. We also consider individual work duties, contributions, and results of performance appraisals when determining employee remuneration.

Ennostar attaches great importance to the consistency and fairness of remuneration operations, monetary incentives, and management of employee bonuses. Individual salaries are based on the education, expertise, and professional experience of each employee, but do not differ on the basis of race, religion, skin color, political affiliation, age, gender, marital status, or physical and mental disabilities. We provide Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to help our colleagues relieve work and life stresses and problems. We also review turnover rates and reasons for termination each month and take corresponding measures when necessary.

Ennostar adjusts employee salaries by referencing market salary levels, economic trends, price indexes, and related information, as well as corporate operational performance and individual performance. We provide our employees with basic salaries that exceed the standards stipulated by the Labor Standards Act.

Ennostar has completed structural salary adjustments and performance-based salary adjustments for the year. Average salary adjustment rates ranged from 8-15%. We also significantly raised starting salaries for new college graduates by 16-20% to encourage outstanding talent to join Ennostar and our subsidiaries EPISTAR, Lextar, and Unikorn.


Compensation and Bonus Systems

We prepare annual variable bonus budgets to offer incentives and rewards, as well as encourage and attract outstanding talent.