Board of Directors

Chariman: Dr. Biing-Jye Lee
Director: Dr. David Su
Director: Chin-Yung Fan
Director: Representative of AU Optronics Corp.: Paul SL Peng
Director:Representative of Ming Han Investment Co., Ltd.: Rider Chang
Supervisor:Yu-Te Houng
Supervisor:Representative of Konly Venture Corp.: Yih Lian Chen

Internal Audit

Internal audit is an independent unit under the board of directors, equipped with a full-time audit supervisor and an appropriate number of internal auditors. The appointment and dismissal of the audit supervisor shall be approved by the board of directors and the appointment, dismissal, appraisal, salary and remuneration of internal auditors shall be approved by the chairman of the board.
The company has established an internal control system in accordance with the laws and regulations, and the internal audit unit formulates detailed rules for the implementation of the internal audit to implement and measure the effectiveness and compliance of the existing system; the audit scope covers the subsidiaries.
The audit of the company is carried out in accordance with the audit plan approved by the board of directors. The plan is formulated according to the results of the risk assessment and a special audit shall be carried out as required. The audit results shall be reported to the chairman and the supervisor every month or when necessary and shall be presented at the board meeting.
The internal auditors shall report the audit results of various operations to the management to make them understand the existing or potential deficiencies and improvement status and review the self-assessment reports of each unit and subsidiary of the company to serve as the main basis for the board of directors and the president to evaluate the effectiveness of the overall internal control system and for issuing the statement on the internal control system.