Ennostar Strives to Become the Premier Supplier of Comprehensive Automotive Lighting Solutions

Ennostar Inc. (TWSE: 3714) will participate in the largest smart display exhibition in Taiwan, Touch Taiwan, from April 24th to April 26th, 2024, unveiling a brand-new appearance under the theme 'Drive Enlightening Innovation'. This exhibition will showcase Ennostar's comprehensive strength in automotive light sources, covering automotive displays, lighting, and sensing, providing all-around light sources needed from the inside out. Leveraging advanced display and smart sensing technologies, Ennostar aims to create the total solutions for smart cockpits and safe driving.

The key focus of this exhibition is to demonstrate Ennostar Group's comprehensive one-stop shopping service, integrating solutions such as epitaxial wafers, chips, packages, modules, and maximize Ennostar Group’s synergies. In addition to shining in the automotive field, Ennostar group will also drive more innovative technologies through collaboration.

Expert in Comprehensive Automotive Lighting Solutions: Display, Lighting, and Sensing

With the thriving development of the electric vehicle and autonomous driving markets, automotive optoelectronics components play a crucial role. Drawing on years of experience in the automotive field, Ennostar is well-positioned to grasp the trends in automotive light source applications and provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

In terms of automotive displays, high-transparency Micro LED displays will be showcased, apply to head-up displays, car windows, and panoramic sunroofs, providing driving information or commercial advertisements according to the needs of drivers and passengers. In addition, full-array local dimming panels from pillar to pillar have been developed, providing high-brightness, high-contrast solutions, maximizing the performance of front seat panels.

The scope of automotive lighting and displays is extensive. In the lighting aspect, Ennostar's LED front light design aims to provide safer automotive light sources. The headlights and daytime running lights feature high efficiency and maintain their brightness and voltage stability under various environment temperatures. Adaptive driving beam (ADB) headlights with matrix LED design can individually control the brightness of high-performance LED units to adjust the light pattern according to the environment, significantly improving driving safety. Regarding automotive displays, Ennostar also provides various intelligent ambient lighting solutions, such as SmartLED applied to door ambient lights, ambient light decorative panels, and intelligent touch surface ambient lights, ensuring color consistency and customizable colors to enhance the aesthetics of smart cockpits. Additionally, matrix Mini RGB LED displays are one of Ennostar's focused technologies, replacing linear light sources, providing options such as full-color, ultra-high-brightness white light, red light, and super red light, apply to front and rear displays to enhance brand recognition and safety for car manufacturers, serving as an interactive interface for information dissemination and real-time communication with pedestrians.

The exhibition will also showcase the development of automotive sensing, introducing the high-precision technology of infrared LED (IR) into driving monitoring systems (DMS), flexibly adjusting the angle of light sources to track the driver's state and ensure driving safety. Furthermore, VCSEL 3D sensing solutions have been developed for fast and precise distance measurement, apply to in-car gesture controlling panel screens or adjusting volume and driving monitoring systems (DMS), or applied to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for distance measurement outside the vehicle, realizing human-vehicle interaction and increasing convenience.

As a leader in comprehensive optoelectronics integrated solutions, Ennostar is fully committed to promoting the innovations of automotive light sources, striving to provide the most complete automotive solutions, consolidating its leadership in optoelectronics, and driving and inspiring the possibilities for the automotive industry with the spirit of the theme, 'Drive Enlightening Innovation,' at Touch Taiwan.

  • Information about Ennostar showcase at Touch Taiwan exhibition:

    Date: April 24 (Wed.) to 26 (Fri.), 2024

    Time: 10:00 – 17:00

    Location: 4F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1

    Booth Number:M802

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