Ennostar Inc. Officially Established and Listed Today

Ennostar Incorporation (hereinafter referred to as "Ennostar"), a joint venture between Epistar Corporation (former stock code 2448, hereinafter referred to as "Epistar") and Lextar Electronics (former stock code 3698, hereinafter referred to as "Lextar") through share swap, is formally established today (January 6, 2021) and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange with the stock code 3714. The company strives to be the best transnational investment platform of the compound semiconductor industry.

Focusing on the rapid development of mini/micro LED display as well as the booming next-generation compound semiconductor market, the establishment of Ennostar sets a high standard for industrial collaboration and resource integration in Taiwan. In addition to continuously investing in mini/micro LED, it will expedite the development of advanced technology in automotive, sensing, power device, 5G communication and wafer manufacturing, so as to enhance its global competitiveness. The business of Ennostar is divided into three areas: Epistar will focus on LED epitaxy and chip, Lextar will focus on packaging and module, and Unikorn Semiconductor Corp. under Epistar will develop advanced compound semiconductor foundry.

The board of directors of Ennostar held its board meeting today, and appointed Dr. Biing-Jye Lee to serve as Chairman and CEO, B.Y. Chang as Chief Financial Officer and Spokesman, and Rider Chang as Officer of Corporate Governance. Dr. Biing-Jye Lee says: "Ennostar is the only investment platform in the compound semiconductor industry that incorporates both LED and advanced compound semiconductor technologies. In the future, it will contribute to the advancement of mini/micro LED display, sensing, automotive, power and 5G communication applications. Epistar and Lextar are actively accelerating the integration of the two companies, which will give full play to the synergy of industrial resource in a short period of time. We are cautiously optimistic about 2021 and be ready to embrace market recovery in the coming years. Furthermore, we will expand our global influence to maximize the benefit of our customers, suppliers and investors." Epistar and Lextar, under Ennostar still operate independently; Epistar focuses on upstream epitaxy and chip, while Lextar focuses on downstream packaging and modules, providing customers with the best products and services. In addition, in response to the fast development and strong market demand of compound semiconductors, Ennostar will participate in the new-generation power electronics and wireless communication industries, aiming to provide the best technologies and services for fast charging, electric vehicle and 5G communication applications.