About Ennostar

Ennostar Inc. (TAIEX: 3714) was jointly established in January 2021 by EPISTAR and Lextar via share conversion, and is committed to be the No.1 investment platform for compound semiconductors.

Ennostar group not only dedicates to the technology research and development but also excels in the manufacturing of compound semiconductors. With the product portfolio covering epitaxial wafers and dies, packaged LEDs and modules, Ennostar provides customers with one-stop service for vertical integration in various applications, such as displays, professional lighting, automotive, and sensing. The mission of the group is to develop advanced technologies and to present the most competitive products to the world.

Ennostar's name comes from 'Innovation' & 'Star' representing the self-expectation of a shining star in the compound semiconductor industries with the continuous efforts in innovation.

Management Profile

Shuang-Lang (Paul) Peng

Chairman and President of Ennostar

Professional Experience:
Starting May, 2023, Mr. Shuang-Lang (Paul) Peng has become active is his role as the Chairman and President of Ennostar. With over three decades of experience in the technology industry, Mr. Peng has possessed extensive professional industry experience and established his authoritative position in the industry. As the leader of Ennostar Group, Mr. Peng will lead Ennostar Group to be “The No.1 Investment Platform for Compound Semiconductors” and dedicate to developing “next-generation display”, “automotive”, “sensing”, “special lighting” and “new-generation compound semiconductors” with perceptive market insight and better management on supply chain. Especially, Taiwan’s Micro LED supply chain holds a crucial position in the industry, while Ennostar plays an important role in it. In the critical timing of entering Micro LED mass production, Mr. Peng will strengthen supply chain integration and closeness and guide Ennostar and its partners to speed up the path to success.
Mr. Peng has long been promoting the exchanges between government and private sectors. While currently serving as a member of the Board of National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), Taipei Smart City Committee, incumbent Chairman of the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), and the Founding Honorary Chairman of the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), he urges and supports cross-sector integration and resource sharing among industry, government and academia.
Mr. Peng's outstanding abilities are widely acknowledged by various sectors, including the ERSO award by Pan Wen Yuan Foundation, Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) for the Responsible Business Leadership category, Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA) Outstanding Professional from Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, and David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Award from SID (Society for Information Display).


MBA from Heriot-Watt University in the UK
An honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration from National Taipei University of Technology