VCSEL/ LED for Smart Mobility

Lextar has been engaged in diverse automotive applications including high-end laser packaging in VCSELs, and a wide range of automotive components with customization services to create advanced in-cabin user experience.

Smart Mobility

Lextar provides the most up-to-date car solutions to meet the rapidly evolving market demand. In recent years, electric vehicles have rapidly emerged in various countries under the strong promotion of governments. Lextar has insight into market trends and uses its complete automotive qualification standards and mass production experience to create solutions that meet market demands, aiming to provide a more comfortable and intelligent cabin experience.

LED for Smart Life

Lextar supports customers to provide innovating end-products by T.E.M.O.( Thermal.Electrical.Mechanical .Optical ) vertical integration technology for "Smart Innovation, Amazing Life."

Smart Life

Lextar offers a wide range of products, such as backlight, RGB lighting and wearable, that support customers in creating innovative end products. Due to the growing importance of sustainability as a global issue, Lextar presents sustainable products to contribute to a better future for our planet by reducing carbon emissions. Lextar is committed to making “Smart innovation, Amazing life” a reality.

LED for Special Lighting

With excellent reliability, great lifetime and smooth illumination, Lextar offers brilliant eco-friendly and power saving lighting.

Micro LED

Lextar is a leading innovator of Micro LED. The world’s smallest Micro LED + Micro IC in package and the great cooperate result with heavy-hitter partners in the industry will be presented in Touch Taiwan 2022.

Professional Lighting

Lextar offers brilliant, eco-friendly and power saving professional lighting solutions, including siren, medical lighting and fridge lighting. Professional lighting plays a crucial role in a variety of settings in daily life and Lextar provides excellent reliability, long lifetime and smooth illumination solutions to meet everyday needs.

Micro LED

Lextar is a leading manufacturer of Micro LED technology, continuously providing the latest solutions through integrated and abundant R&D capabilities. With a world-class patent portfolio, Lextar develops i-pixel series to solve the challenge of commercialization of Micro LED. This helps customers create high-brightness, high-resolution, and high-contrast end products that truly showcase the ultimate display technology.